Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Something different this time.

February was a month for presents. I had two birthdays to celebrate and for both I tried to make something by hand, even if it was something small.

In this case, the present inside was purchased, so I tried to take more effort with the wrapping with what I had at hand at the moment. All is hand made except for the tag that I had lost years ago (later I wrote my friend's name there).

I had a lot of fun with it!!

This bag was for another friends present. In this case it was part of the present itself (among other things inside). So I drew my friend dressed as a little nurse because she would like to become carer in the future. At the back I drew a red cross with her name inside in black.

For this I used acrylics, rotring, lace and adhesive tape. I enjoyed it a lot because of the use of different materials

And that's all for now. See you soon!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Safe under my umbrella

From my old Moleskine. More conceptual and with a message behind, though it's possible to get different interpretations from it. I leave it to you!

Tools: Pencils, acrylic and collage (newspaper)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What's behind your books

What is she doing there, piggybank? Is it her dream?

Abril ha sido un muy buen mes. Con muchas sorpresas y novedades que espero poder ir contando poco a poco que me han hecho muy feliz (en ilustración y fotografía). Ya Mayo empieza con novedades, veamos cómo se desenvuelven.

En la fotografía (que hice con mi cámara compacta que tenía en ese momento a mano) se ven algunos libros que me regalaron por mi cumpleaños. Cogí la cámara y se me ocurrió hacer una fotogarfía a la que añadir posteriormente unos dibujos a ordenador, teniendo en cuenta la poca profundidad de campo que ofrece mi cámara compacta con objetos muy cercanos para dar la sensación de profundidad (y el efecto de ruido).

Pienso hacer más fotos por este estilo con mi cárama reflex y dibujar encima de ellas.

Por ahora sólo esto, ¡pronto más!


April was a really good month. With a lot of surprises and news that I hope I can write about soon, because they made me really happy (with illustration and photography too). May stars with changes, let's see how do they develop.

In this photo (which I made with my compact camera that I had at hand at he moment) there are some books I got as presents in my birthday. I got my camera and I though about taking a photo and later add with a computer my drawings, keeping in mind the shallow depth of field my camera offers with near objects and to give it more depth (and the noise effect).

I have in mind to keep taking more photos like this with my reflex camera and to daw on top of it.

That's all for the moment, soon more!