Thursday, 27 February 2014

After play...

I was planning to post something different today, but I changed my mind. Yesterday's post was longer than expected. So I decided to post something lighter for today. Hello sketch!! ;)

This one is not too old, and I would like to work more on it and finish it someday, maybe with some toys in the floor, as if this little kid is too tired after playing with his toys. Don't you envy kids sometimes? even a little? once in a while?. What I really miss from those days is the way they see the world around them.

Those days passed by, now is the time to keep working and learning, always learning (actually like they do) to be the person you want to be.

Hope you have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Handmade Stamp


Something different for today!! I wanted to show you a stamp I made to decorate paper for a present. I also created one to stamp this other present months ago, and I remembered that that day I told you I wanted to tell you how I made it... So that's how ;)

Let me tell you I'm not an expert with carving or rubber stamps. I made them for fun and to decorate certain presents. I know professional people who specially in it, that use professional tools/materials to make their stamps, but in my case, I use more "at hand" and cheaper items, (excepts for my carving set, which I used during my classes to carve linoleum) like an eraser, so maybe I'm not too orthodox with the technique. In case you are really interested I would recommend you to look for information in blogs, books or internet. There many reliable and inspirational sites ;)

I decided to make some photos during the process of my craving to show them you.

Before anything, I would tell you to start with simpler and bigger illustrations or motif, as those will be easier to carve and will help you to practice and improve :).

Also!! it's very important, be REALLY careful with your hands. Burins are very cutting and you can hurt your fingers in the process. Keep always the hand you are not using to hold your carving tool behind the direction you are cutting or far away of your eraser (in this case). No joke, it can be really painful and dangerous.

Once I'm ready, I start with a sketch, which I transfer to my eraser, keeping always in mind this illustration will end up looking at the opposite side (if in my drawing this orc is looking at your left, when you stamp in, it will look to your right).  Be also careful before carving it, and think which part you want to be "transparent" and which one will appear painted. You must ONLY carve "white" spaces.

Time to use your burins!!, I would recommend you to use wider shapes (U-shaped for example) at first, and V-shaped burins detail your stamp. It will be easier at first, but once you keep going you will need to be more and more careful to not "break" your eraser by accident or carving too much on it.

Keep going that way till you are satisfied and use your ink pad (I forgot to photograph it, sorry) pressing a little on it and try to make a first stamp in the paper you choose. Make little changes in it if necessary and start the fun!!

I would recommend you to play with the rotation of your stamp, and the color of it. Be creative and have fun!! ;). You will get addicted once you start.

Once you finish to stamp, clear your rubber to eliminate ink excess.

As I told you, I'm not an expert, but I really have a lot of fun carving to decorate presents. I will show you some photos of my whale stamp and how I decorated the paper in the future, but for now, it's enough for today.

Have fun!!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shell and Bow

Do you remember this sketch? I finally decided to color it, why not? ;). It's actually one of the illustrations I finished recently, but I couldn't help myself to show it finished now, especially with the sketch still "fresh".

This illustration makes me remember when children start to walk, or some even to craw, and to start to explore the world around him or her while paying.  Also, while drawing it, I recalled those days I enjoyed to hide in small "spaces", like down the table, inside a cardboard box and similar. I enjoyed playing in that kind of places. I remember I created stories of myself living in a different place or time, or me being a different person. Even if my sister would "follow" me sometimes, it was a time a enjoyed alone for a little while.

 It still impresses me the memories I hold of my childhood, and which I didn't know I had. Sure my illustrations are helping me with it without even trying, and I think that's amazing!! I can't wait to wait to keep learning more about myself, and who I'm today... it's a really exciting trip.

I think I got a little carried away again, sorry!!. So, see you tomorrow and, if you can, take a little time for yourself to let your inner child to say hello to you ;). Have fun!!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Knitting memories

She's knitting a scarf with the memories of a loved one.

Finished version of this sketch I posted here some days ago. With it I wanted to play a similar style I tried here months ago. I enjoy drawing these "square-round" shapes (I don't know how to call them, sorry!).

Back to my blog again!! These days were crazy for sure!! More than I expected, like my little trip, or the "preparation" for a (actually two) Birthday party... But that's what happens when you are too perfectionist for your own good, and that's what happened when you offer yourself to make all that work... I actually enjoy doing these "chores" and things, especially for people I love, to make sure they will like it. But at the last minute it can be a little stressful sometimes... well, later you see that person's face and you forget it ;)

And what happens when you focus yourself too much on one thing? you lose track of the rest, and now I see I neglected my illustrations a little. Time to make up for lost time. This week I will focus more on my work or illustration in general.

Ah! By the way, I have new things/posts planned I can't wait to show you as soon as possible!! Be patient, please!

So, nothing else for today!! Hope you had a great weekend (maybe a relaxed one?). See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Waiting for my siblings

This little chick can't wait to meet his siblings... he just wants to meet them now and to take care of them, just like the big brother he is ;)!!

I drew it after finishing this illustration, and I didn't know when to show it here... but as these days there are many births... so why not to post it today? I had a lot of fun with this one... I can't help but to think about my sister, I was really happy when she was born... I love her so much!

By the way!! tomorrow I won't be able to post anything here!! I have a little trip outside of my city, and I won't get any time to check the internet or something like that. Tomorrow is my free day ;). I was planing it (together with other people) for weeks... even a month?, but the weather was really bad these months... Anyway, I can't believe tomorrow is the day :D!

Have fun today (and tomorrow, of course!). See you!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sir coffee

Another cup! this one is like a sir, just take a look at his moustache! he looks really responsible :D

I think I made it thinking about the carnival (maybe that's why he is using a candy cane instead of a real one), it's very present in my country during this month.

Also, this month is being really busy, I have almost every day of this month occupied, most of it is meeting people (on Wednesday I will be out for a trip out of my city) and doing some errands... I want to have more time to draw... well, I can't help it, that's what I need to do.

Anyway, have a nice start of the week!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Weaver sketch

A sketch I'm working on right now :).

Maybe this girl is making this scarf by hand as a present for her Valentine? It looks like there are many feelings, memories, and effort, into it... Happy Valentine to those who celebrate it :)

Too busy today (and yesterday too, but at least a lot of work done)! So that's all for today. As soon as I get a little of time, I will give the final touches to it to show it here as soon as possible :)!

Have a nice day, it's the last day of the week after all!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Love is in the air

St. Valentine's day is almost here!! This little cup can feel love is REALLY in the air... who will be his Valentine? I don't know, but I'm sure this "love" of him smells very delicious ;)

I wanted to draw something for that day, even if it's a little early (just a day! it's not that bad!!), but you know, love is unstoppable, so, I won't stop it to appear here :). Also, I wanted to play with handmade typography for this one. It was really fun to do!!

Nothing else for today. Peace and love ;)!!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


This little mouse smelled something delicious out there!! He can't help but to get out of his new hiding place... little by little... but maybe a feline prepared it all!! Be careful little mouse, just in case ;).

I had a lot of fun with this illustration. It started as a really small sketch in my little sketchbook, and I couldn't wait to start it as soon as I could. Lately I can't help to draw a lot of illustrations about animals, and how they would interact with a certain object, always playing with their sizes, why not ;)?

Because of it, I have many sketches ready to be drawn. I hope I get time little by little to show you.

See you tomorrow. Have fun!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Drops of life

Bad weather these last days! Specially windy and rainy, but it looks like soon the sun will appear... or so I think (I wish actually, because there's a fast trip I'm planing to do soon, and I want that day to be a good one, you know...).  Because of it, I remembered this illustration I made in my Moleskine... last year, while I was playing with watercolor ("wet on wet"). It was really fun ;)

I hope it gets better soon. Now I need to go back to work!! I have some illustrations pending to be finished. Let's go!

I hope you have a good start of the week! See you!

Friday, 7 February 2014


Today I'm working on the final illustrations for a commission, to make with them some badges, so I have no time!! But I'm enjoying it for sure, so that's good ;)

So, here I show you some old badges I made with some of my illustrations like... two years ago? if not more, concretely this and this one.

Badges can be a really cute detail, specially if you can personalize them!

Nothing else for today!! See you :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Short film "Sombras"

I made this animated short film while I was studying photography... yeah, photography.

It tells the story of a little boy who hates his shadow, he doesn't like it, so he tries to eliminate it at all cost!! With a ball, a flashlight...

I wanted to play with the imagination of a little boy who tries to run away of his own shadow, and how he's beginning to see it most evil as time goes by, just because he's personifying his own fears. He's making it look real.

Scan of one of the frames

We had a subject called Audiovisual. There we learnt about the use of a video camera, audiovisual storytelling and so. One of the last assignments we had there was to create a short film, from zero. To plan the storyboard, scenes... As we had not many cameras in our power for the students to borrow. The teacher made us to create a short film plan and to expound it to a jury formed by students of our school. At the end, only five projects were selected, being one of those mine.

Once we were told about this work, I thought about to make an animation. I couldn't make one while I was studying Illustration, and I really wanted to challenge myself, even if I had not been taught about how to make an animation. We only had a week to make it, and I was scared I would not be able to make it on time... also it was the last work of the year for that subject... stress time!

I also was scared my teacher would not let me to do it at the end, as it was more an "illustration's project". But luckily, I got permission to try it out, even if it would take me longer to finish.

It sure took me a long time to finish, because of my inexperience (even if it was for 30'' only). Also I wish I had a light table at that moment with me... and not a little flashlight and a plastic file folder to draw it by hand... it was time consuming and bad for my eyes. My team helped me to scan all this animation and to shape my shadow with a pencil through all those pages... ;).

Well, it's a long story and this post is too long already. I will try to tell you how I made it soon, but right now, I can't believe I was able to make it with that equipment :)

See you! Have fun!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Diabetic cup

I made this illustration as a present to a group of persons that created an app called Diabetapp (which made them to win First Place Startup Weekend Córdoba 2013) to help diabetic people know about what kind of products and aliments are the best for them. They are still developing it, but I'm sure they will finish it soon and will be realy useful ;)

As it is a mobile app, this little cup is holding a mobile with their logo. Also, as it's an app about diabetes, It's kicking a sugar lump. Bye bye sugar! No need to worry ;)

Nothing else for today. But I will tell you I'm planing to post something I created during my photography studies, which I wanted to show here for a long time... it's just that I never found the right day ;). Better late than never, so, if you are curious, keep an eye here tomorrow.

See you!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Big glasses

New traditional illustration today!! Playing with graphite (3H,2H,HB,2B,4B, and 6B) and a big-glassed boy looking around him :). It was fun to do!

I'm starting this month with energy! Drawing a lot, and I already started some new illustrations, but I need to share out my time with them and with some request too, among other things, and places I need to attend... busy month again, but I will try to keep this blog as update as I can.

Thank you for taking a look, see you tomorrow ;)!!