Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Waiting for my siblings

This little chick can't wait to meet his siblings... he just wants to meet them now and to take care of them, just like the big brother he is ;)!!

I drew it after finishing this illustration, and I didn't know when to show it here... but as these days there are many births... so why not to post it today? I had a lot of fun with this one... I can't help but to think about my sister, I was really happy when she was born... I love her so much!

By the way!! tomorrow I won't be able to post anything here!! I have a little trip outside of my city, and I won't get any time to check the internet or something like that. Tomorrow is my free day ;). I was planing it (together with other people) for weeks... even a month?, but the weather was really bad these months... Anyway, I can't believe tomorrow is the day :D!

Have fun today (and tomorrow, of course!). See you!!

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