Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shell and Bow

Do you remember this sketch? I finally decided to color it, why not? ;). It's actually one of the illustrations I finished recently, but I couldn't help myself to show it finished now, especially with the sketch still "fresh".

This illustration makes me remember when children start to walk, or some even to craw, and to start to explore the world around him or her while paying.  Also, while drawing it, I recalled those days I enjoyed to hide in small "spaces", like down the table, inside a cardboard box and similar. I enjoyed playing in that kind of places. I remember I created stories of myself living in a different place or time, or me being a different person. Even if my sister would "follow" me sometimes, it was a time a enjoyed alone for a little while.

 It still impresses me the memories I hold of my childhood, and which I didn't know I had. Sure my illustrations are helping me with it without even trying, and I think that's amazing!! I can't wait to wait to keep learning more about myself, and who I'm today... it's a really exciting trip.

I think I got a little carried away again, sorry!!. So, see you tomorrow and, if you can, take a little time for yourself to let your inner child to say hello to you ;). Have fun!!

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