Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Some days ago I was playing with my pencil colors and testing them in coloured paper. That's how this little illustration was born :).

I want to try new things with them, and to play with different styles and techniques, it's just a little test, but once I finish a work I have pending, I will go back to them. I have many ideas I would like to try with my dear pencil colors again!! They make me feel like a little kid!!

Anyway, eager to learn and busy days. See you and here we go!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Handmade magic

This little girl wants to be a magic fairy herself. So she made her own wings and wand with newspapers. If you want to be something, just do it. You can be wherever you want to be.

This illustration has been lost in my computer for a few months, it was time to post it here already!!. Something a little different from what I'm doing and showing lately, but I just wanted to try something different, for fun ;)

Things keep going and I'm drawing a little more lately, still busy, but I'm fine, and that's what matters :). Many things to do, but I can do it!!

Anyway, have fun and see you tomorrow!!

Saturday, 26 April 2014


These last days are being busy and stressful for different reasons. I'm not getting too much time to draw, but the little time I get for myself, I try to keep on working on future illustrations to show here, if even for a little while. Some of these days, sketches as the one I'm showing today are born, so there's something good at least ;)

I really hope next week to be a better one, with less problems that are out of my control (not all at once, please).

Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend and start the week, of course!! Have fun :)!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

One Way

Here is the illustration I told you I made for Leyre Valiente's exhibition in the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid. This exhibition is called "Mujeres Valientes" and it will be there till May 17th.

There you won't only see my work, but also the illustrations of other 24 talented (and brave) illustrators who take part in it. What do we do there?
Each one of us interprets one of Leyre's dresses in an illustration. There're many different styles in this exhibition which is really interesting. But not only this, you will also see some of her beautiful dresses in love. So I really recommend you to go there and to take a look. You won't regret it!! ;)

In my case, I was told to draw this coat for her collection called
Malleus Maleficarium, which dresses tell you the story of a woman announced to be a witch.  A really mysterious and magical collection. To understand better this story, take a look at this video filmed during one of her fashion shows.

Here is a photo of the coat I got from her web (on the back there's the same bird stamp):

But it was my interpretation of this coat, I leave it up to you what you think I wanted to say with it. Get your own interpretation! :)

Also, here is the poster of the exhibition with the name of all the illustrators:

Nothing else for today!! I just want to say thanks to Leyre Valiente for the opportunity. I had a lot of fun drawing and planning it ;)

See you!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Full sail

After a few relaxed days here I'm again!! with many illustrations to show you little by little.

These days many people is been travelling (not my case, but sure those were busy days anyway), so I made this illustration from my umbrella series with a "travel theme" this time ;). You can find more of these illustrations here, here, and here.

About myself, as I told you, I was drawing, and quite off from internet in general, which actually helped me to get away and to clear a little my ideas, It's been good for me for sure, as now I have more energy to keep going (and to keep learning of course!!) doing what I love. Come with me through this travel of mine ;).

Anyway, have fun and see you tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

After play

Someone played too much and now he is really tired... Time to go to bed, little one.

Finally I finished this illustration! I posted its sketch here some days ago. I was going to save it for later... but I couldn't help myself about posting it on my blog right now.

Nothing interesting to say today, just that I will be busy these days, and that I'm planing to draw some new traditional illustrations. Of course, I will still keep drawing digitally (I have some digital illustrations finished to show you in the near future), but I will try to take advantage of these days to use more my pencil colors, gouaches, some new crayons I got...but without stress, I want to enjoy the process ;)

Have fun and see you!!

Monday, 14 April 2014


This little mouse fell and got hurt! Doctor is ready to heal him (and to comfort him) till he feels better.

I had a lot of fun while I was drawing it. I love little animals :)!!

These days (more like this week) are festive in my country, so maybe I will be more absent here than usual (if I got time I will to post more things), but I'm still drawing, and I'll be looking for documentation for things I'll be working from now on. I have many things to do!!

Anyway, hope you have fun and a good start of the week!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pages and pages

April is the month of books, and actually, those were mainly my birthday presents this year. I'm really grateful, as I really love books. I can't ask for anything better >u<.

I'm sure this little boy will enjoy his book :). In my case I will use those books to keep learning and to try new techniques for my illustrations, now I only need to find time to practice them. Always learning, I can't stop now!! ;)

Now back to work, hope you have a nice day!! See you!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Red shoes

I remember a dress I loved when I was a child, or to put it another way, a combination of clothes once my mother chose for me which I loved at first sight. That outfit would be used for my birthday party, when I was six or seven years old. That day I wore for the first time a pair of red shoes (my first red shoes!), stockings with lace and a green skirt with tights.

That day I felt really beautifull, it was so different from my other clothes!. I can't remember that birthday party too well, just the final part with my piñata and candies, but I remember looking at my new shoes and stockings while smiling. I'm glad my parents took many photos that day!!

Today, some years later, is my birthday again, and I couldn't help myself but to draw that dress I still associate with my birthday. It brings me good memories... and also "bad" ones. I remember how I didn't use those shoes too much, as their thin lace broke while I was playing outside some days later. I cried a lot that day. Those were my favourite shoes ever!! why those? Now, looking back, I can't help but smile.

Maybe today I'm not wearing a dress as special as that one, and maybe birthdays are not that special or exciting for me anymore, as I'm growing older, but here I'm looking for that little girl who was so happy that day about here birthday. It makes me feel glad for what I have, my family and friends. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that day, if even for a few minutes, to feel those emotions... but at the same time, I'm glad I'm starting to appreciate what is really important.

Be always by my side little Carmen and watch my back while I'm growing older. Hard times are coming but if I can look back for a little to you, while I'm down, I know I can keep going forward ;)


So, Happy Birthday to me!! and to celebrate, what about some books and a surprise cake (really it was a surprise, It's been many years for my last birthday cake :D)!!

Today is no day for worries, lets just enjoy!! Have fun and see you!!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


New digital illustration!! It's one of the newest I have been working on lately, but I couldn't help myself showing it here now :). I love Japanese culture and its tradition (specially all related to the geisha's world), so I wanted to show my admiration for it with an illustration, in some way. In this case, a Japanese girl brushing her hair, comparing her hair to the bamboo's vertical direction.

Simplicity, harmony and elegance are really important in Japan's culture ;)

By the way! As I was out almost all day yesterday I couldn't write here about an exhibition I'm participating with an exclusive illustration. In this case, it's an exhibition created by Leyre Valiente, a young designer from my country. She was looking for some illustrators to create an interpretation of some of her creations, to show both of them in a same place. Yesterday was its inauguration in Madrid. It's called "Mujeres Valientes". I participate in it, together with my sister (there as Noemí Gómez) and many talented illustrators.

I'm sure you will love it!! if you are in Madrid till May 17th, please don't hesitate to visit it, you will love it!! You can see the  poster of this exhibition here, and some photos of  it will appear here little by little :).

I will show this illustration here really soon, but for now, it's a "mystery".

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sweet chef

In a "sweet" mood lately!! I couldn't help myself to draw these chefs wearing a cupcake-like hat. I showed a detail of this illustration in my Twitter, if you are curious.

After some really busy days here I'm again!! Many things left to do these days... but I can do it!! I want it to be a productive week ;). It's gonna be a good month, a productive one, I'll do my best to get it!

Also, tomorrow I will write here about something that will see the light tomorrow. It's something new for me, so I'm really happy with it :).

Hope you have a really nice day! See you tomorrow!!