Thursday, 3 April 2014


New digital illustration!! It's one of the newest I have been working on lately, but I couldn't help myself showing it here now :). I love Japanese culture and its tradition (specially all related to the geisha's world), so I wanted to show my admiration for it with an illustration, in some way. In this case, a Japanese girl brushing her hair, comparing her hair to the bamboo's vertical direction.

Simplicity, harmony and elegance are really important in Japan's culture ;)

By the way! As I was out almost all day yesterday I couldn't write here about an exhibition I'm participating with an exclusive illustration. In this case, it's an exhibition created by Leyre Valiente, a young designer from my country. She was looking for some illustrators to create an interpretation of some of her creations, to show both of them in a same place. Yesterday was its inauguration in Madrid. It's called "Mujeres Valientes". I participate in it, together with my sister (there as Noemí Gómez) and many talented illustrators.

I'm sure you will love it!! if you are in Madrid till May 17th, please don't hesitate to visit it, you will love it!! You can see the  poster of this exhibition here, and some photos of  it will appear here little by little :).

I will show this illustration here really soon, but for now, it's a "mystery".

Have fun!!!

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