Sunday, 31 January 2016


This is the "witchsona week" (at least here in Spain is Sunday, so I'm still on time!). It's a week where artists draw themselves, or a character they like, as a witch and they post it on the internet.

If I were a witch, I think I would go to any bookshop or library looking for new or interesting books. I think using a little pot as a backpack (and with a quill-wand like) would be cute and fitting. One never knows when it could be useful XD. And yeah, I don't think I would be a fighter, more like a witch collector or something :)

Hope you have a nice week!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bubble light blub

Something different this time. It's an idea I worked with last year and I almost forgot about it until now... It's nice to try something a little different from time to time (and if I did not forget about it, even better!).

I need to prepare many things to start this year the best way possible. Also, I'm trying to organize things and projects I will do during the year. There are many things I want to try and I already feel like time is flying too fast... but I also don't want to stress myself, so... there we go little by little XD.

It's all for now! Hope you have a nice day!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tracks on Snow book

Here is the third of the four children books I illustrated for Polish publishing house Zielona Sowa and written by Urszula Pitura. Here we go again with photos of it and its inside!. It's tittle in English would be "Tracks on Snow", with similar characteristic of the other two I showed you last time.

It tells the story of a little fawn and its discover after following some tracks on snow.

Here is a photo of the first two pages of the book. I really had a lot of fun working on this one. This little fawn is really cute and curious.

Again, it can be bought of you are from Poland through Zielona Sowa web. There is just another one to go! That one has a different size and format :)

I still can't believe 2016 is already here. I have the feeling that there is a lot of work left to do (and actually there's, let's face it). I have not much time lately, I hope February is quieter. I left some "to do list" I want to finish before this month ends. Let's start with energy!

See you in a while. Have fun!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Three Sleeping Kings

Winter holidays are over. It's time to take a rest till next year!

In Spain, they are not over until 6th January. In that day, the Three Wise Kings leave presents under the Christmas tree. At night, the day before, there is a celebration in every city, at night, where they throw candy and little presents from carriages for children (and adults too) to take.

It's a traditon in my country, and it's a pity this year it couldn't be celebrated properly. No candies this year from them in my city.

Even so, I was planning on this drawing since that day, but I wasn't able to post it until now (better late than never). In my mind these wise kings go from adults to children after 6th January to take a rest till next year. Let them sleep ;)

Have a nice day and start of the year!