Friday, 30 December 2016

Happy 2017

Couldn't make a new illustration for the holidays until now, and I also wanted to wish you a happy New Year 2017 with it. I wanted to draw a different element in every number, but all of them together create a story I will leave to your own interpretation ;).

Hope this year will be a great year for you, with lots of happiness and success, both professionally and personally. With good energy all around you and your loved ones.

See you next year!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lake of secrets

Te-beo en la calle finished last Sunday. Artist alley went great. Also the live drawing session.

One of the surprises of those days is that last Friday I discovered I won the contest of Trampa fanzine, in the category I participated, senior illustration. I really didn't expect it!! but it also made my day... Even if it still looks like a dream.

The illustration you can see above, is the one I sent to participate. A mermaid in a lake? I wanted people to get a story, their own version, out of this illustration :)

Also, here is a photo, thanks to Alberto Bueno, of the moment right after I got the diploma:

If you are in Córdoba (Spain) you could get the fanzine for free, with my illustration on it, among the rest of participants.

It's all for today. Have a nice day!!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Witch and books

It's Halloween time!! Have fun those who celebrate it, in any way you dedicate this day (Dia de Todos los Santos in Spain).

Sadly, this year I couldn't do a specific illstration f or today, so I decided to post this old illustration of which, a while ago, I drew it's original background. You can find this same illustration, just with the girl alone here.

Hope you have fun. See you soon!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Cheese & Books

There is only one thing this little mouse loves next to read books... eating cheese!. And if he can do both at same time... everything around he becomes really messy.

I had this illustration done for a while and it was time to post it already.

Also, it was a great excuse to draw two things I love. Animals and books :)

I wish I had time to get lost in books, to learn new things from them. And it scares me a little I won't be able to learn because there is never enough time.

Do you have time, if so let me know where it lives!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Love comes

And sizes, and colors, it doesn't matter!!

Even after the last Art Market finished, I keep being busy. I had no time at all, but I did many different things and I met a lot of people, some of which I wanted to meet for a long time... Busy days with, but with lots of love for sure ;)!!

Hope you had a great week and that you had fun! More to come soon! I need to organize many things >

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Little Prince Zine

I can finally show you the illustration I did for an online fanzine called The Little Prince Zine, organized by Jilian Andre. The final zine will be posted officially during this month here, but we already got permission to post our illustrations online. You can check the rest of the illustrators who took part in it with hashtag #thelittleprincezine (for Twitter and Tumblr specially). Thanks to Jilian for organizing this zine and to let me take part in it.

About my illustration, we could do any illustration we liked about The Little Prince book, and in my case, I chose to illustrate my own version of chapter 12: the one about the tippler. Surely not the most famous chapter, but one that called my attention since the first time I read this book.

It tells us Little Prince' short visit to a planet where a tippler lives, lost in his drinking and ashamed of his actions, but incapable to stop doing so.

I wanted to do my own interpretation of this chapter. Of course, this man doesn't live in a big bottle in the book, but I wanted to show with it his addiction, and how lost he is, so much he's unable to see the house outside, with a light on!. I wanted people to think that maybe there was someone waiting for him, but he 's unable to get out "of his bottle" and embarrassment. Little Prince can't reach ("to swim") to him, this man won't listen to him, and he needs to go to the next planet. Just the man can go out. Will he be able? There are better things for him out there...

I think this chapter needs to be more famous, even if it can look random and really short, there's a lot of meanning behind it, and always actual.

I had fun planning this one. And if you noticed, I used the same character for the Little Prince as in this illustration.

I will let you know once this fanzine is up for everyone to check. Hope you had a nice start of classes, or back to work. See you for now! (now back to work, next week will be busy for sure!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Teapot home

Spending a summer at home, but working a lot!! Even so, I wish colder days to come soon so I can have alittle cup of hot tea again.

These days I have been playing and having fun with some new watercolors I got a while ago.

Hope you are having a nice day!!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Daisy Girl

Daisy girl and a little fella.

It's been a while since last time I posted something new here. I already told about it in my Facebook, but I'm taking this month as "vacation" time (not really, as I'm still at home and drawing as much as possible), till I get my computer problems around.

I actually felt bad not posting anything during so many days, so here is something a little different and fast to say that yeah, that I'm alive, and actually drawing even more than usual.

Either way, I really hope this little girl will cheer you up. Have a nice day and enjoy the rest of summer.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Safe bath

Finally a summer related illustration!! Someone is ready for a bath... Better safe than sorry!

Sadly, this summer I won't have "holidays" exactly. I won't go to the beach, or any similar place. I will try to draw as much as possible during this summer, even if this hot weather is killing me!. Where I live is one of the hottest places to be in Spain!! It really kills my productivity... am I the only one affected? :(

Hope you enjoy your summer time!! Take care of yourself during this heat can be oppressive, and bad for yourself.

Monday, 27 June 2016

About Ilustraton

It's been a while since last time I posted a new illustration. I'm actually a bit more active in my Facebook and at Twitter, actually.

Last Saturday 25th I had a talk in my city in an illustration event called Ilustraton about the process from sketch to the final digital illustration. I also drew there live, digitally, for the first time. Must confess at first I was really nervous, but then it turned out just fine! I was really scared people would get bored, but it looks like people enjoyed it, and even some of them learnt some new tricks for Photoshop. I couldn't feel happier!! ;).

I really want to thanks CoSfera and those who organized it (for the first time!), Alberto Bueno and Victor Parra for the opportunity and to have faith in me. Thank you very for your patience too :)

This illustration is the one I showed (and drew a little) there, with its process from sketch to the final version.

Again, thanks to the organization ant to those who attended it, being as busy as you were at Ilustration.

Monday, 16 May 2016


May is a really important month in my city, Cordoba. Almost all of it is festive: The month of flowers, of patios, of cruces (crosses) decorated with flower, with lots of food and people in the streets... At the end of it is our Feria (festival) too. It's a really busy month for sure, with really colorful and great for people to visit.

I decided to draw this illustration to celebrate it. A girl wearing a flamenco dress :)

Especially at the end of this month, it's usual to see people wearing our traditional clothes (we don't wear these clothes every day, and also, I'm talking about my city. Every region of Spain has its own traditional clothes.)

There's still half of the month left to enjoy, even if for me it's being like a usual one, but it's not a bad thing, I's working on some new illustrations.

Hope you have a nice day.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Kiss for you

Happy Mothers Day! If posible, remeber to give yours at last a hug and a kiss!

For Fathers Day, I drew some birds too, so why not to try them again with Mothers Day ;). I know, I know, I'm drawing too many animals lately, but they are so fun and relaxing to draw!! My bad! ><

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Ready to go

Or so I would like to think I am...

These are being really stressful days. I had to time to draw for myself at all, but I really wanted to show something after all these days of absence.

I'm getting things ready to participate in a new Artist Alley celebrated in my city, Cordoba. It will be this Saturday 23th in Plaza Colon, outdoors, with many illustrators showing and selling their art. Come just in case you are curious to take a look and to buy from us.

Please pry I won't forget anything for that day.

Hope you have a nice day! See you!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Best present

In Spain  is Father's Day (it's still 19th), so here is my way to celebrate it.

This illustration is dedicated to all those fathers who hold their children with love. Who rock them to sleep when they has a nightmare or just stay by their side.

Enjoy your time with your father if it's possible, not just today. See you!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Mr Badger's Christmas Tree

Finally, here is the last of the four children books I illustrated for Zielona Sowa, all of them written by Urszula Pitura. Its title in English would be "Mr Badger's Christmas Tree". This one is different to the other three, because it was created with a tree shape, and also bigger in size. My first stencil book! It was fun to do :)

It tells the story of some friends trying to decorate together a Christmas Tree, but discovering something is missing...

And with this one here are all the books I made during last summer. Can't still believe they are done and in my hands. They are like my babies.

To let you know, they can be bought if you are from Poland through Zielona Sowa web.

I decided to show it now because it's the last day of February, in my country at least, and still winter (actually it looks like winter finally arrived in Spain, it's getting colder now than it was at the start of the year.). It's cold, so... it's fitting right? Better late than never.

It looks like I will be busy for a little while, but I hope you have fun and a good start of the week!

Monday, 15 February 2016


Different kind of Cupid. Had this idea for a while and I couldn't help myself for this day!!

Can't believe I was able to post it, even if a little late as Valentines Day passed here in my country, but I had a lot of problems with this one, I had it almost finished and it suddenly got corrupted and I had to redo it almost from zero. A whole day of work lost. But now t's done, so yay!

So, happy Valentines Day, being it with your loved one, families or friends! Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Inktober 2015 (5)

More of my inktober, there is a little more left to post here (not sure if in a post or two).

These days are busy with personal stuff, but once it's over I will be able to go back to normal and work. I will try to post something more at the end of the week, something new this time, but today is impossible :(

Again, please remember that you can find all of my Inktober in my Twitter,FaceBook and Tumblr

See you soon!

Sunday, 31 January 2016


This is the "witchsona week" (at least here in Spain is Sunday, so I'm still on time!). It's a week where artists draw themselves, or a character they like, as a witch and they post it on the internet.

If I were a witch, I think I would go to any bookshop or library looking for new or interesting books. I think using a little pot as a backpack (and with a quill-wand like) would be cute and fitting. One never knows when it could be useful XD. And yeah, I don't think I would be a fighter, more like a witch collector or something :)

Hope you have a nice week!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bubble light blub

Something different this time. It's an idea I worked with last year and I almost forgot about it until now... It's nice to try something a little different from time to time (and if I did not forget about it, even better!).

I need to prepare many things to start this year the best way possible. Also, I'm trying to organize things and projects I will do during the year. There are many things I want to try and I already feel like time is flying too fast... but I also don't want to stress myself, so... there we go little by little XD.

It's all for now! Hope you have a nice day!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tracks on Snow book

Here is the third of the four children books I illustrated for Polish publishing house Zielona Sowa and written by Urszula Pitura. Here we go again with photos of it and its inside!. It's tittle in English would be "Tracks on Snow", with similar characteristic of the other two I showed you last time.

It tells the story of a little fawn and its discover after following some tracks on snow.

Here is a photo of the first two pages of the book. I really had a lot of fun working on this one. This little fawn is really cute and curious.

Again, it can be bought of you are from Poland through Zielona Sowa web. There is just another one to go! That one has a different size and format :)

I still can't believe 2016 is already here. I have the feeling that there is a lot of work left to do (and actually there's, let's face it). I have not much time lately, I hope February is quieter. I left some "to do list" I want to finish before this month ends. Let's start with energy!

See you in a while. Have fun!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Three Sleeping Kings

Winter holidays are over. It's time to take a rest till next year!

In Spain, they are not over until 6th January. In that day, the Three Wise Kings leave presents under the Christmas tree. At night, the day before, there is a celebration in every city, at night, where they throw candy and little presents from carriages for children (and adults too) to take.

It's a traditon in my country, and it's a pity this year it couldn't be celebrated properly. No candies this year from them in my city.

Even so, I was planning on this drawing since that day, but I wasn't able to post it until now (better late than never). In my mind these wise kings go from adults to children after 6th January to take a rest till next year. Let them sleep ;)

Have a nice day and start of the year!