Monday, 27 June 2016

About Ilustraton

It's been a while since last time I posted a new illustration. I'm actually a bit more active in my Facebook and at Twitter, actually.

Last Saturday 25th I had a talk in my city in an illustration event called Ilustraton about the process from sketch to the final digital illustration. I also drew there live, digitally, for the first time. Must confess at first I was really nervous, but then it turned out just fine! I was really scared people would get bored, but it looks like people enjoyed it, and even some of them learnt some new tricks for Photoshop. I couldn't feel happier!! ;).

I really want to thanks CoSfera and those who organized it (for the first time!), Alberto Bueno and Victor Parra for the opportunity and to have faith in me. Thank you very for your patience too :)

This illustration is the one I showed (and drew a little) there, with its process from sketch to the final version.

Again, thanks to the organization ant to those who attended it, being as busy as you were at Ilustration.

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