Wednesday, 31 May 2017


After a few weeks absent in general from social media I had to post something new (also to show I keep breathing... under this hot weather)

One of the things I love, for some years now, is learning about Japan's maiko and geisha culture. It can be with books, with the internet...

This is a personal interpretation of maiko (geisha apprentice) Satsuki (now a geiko/geisha, she is #1 in Kyoto), based on some photos I found around the internet of her during the hatsuyori celebration in 2014. She is my favourite geiko, and I loved this kimono she wore back then. Couldn't stop myself, I had to draw her!!

I know her kimono is not exact to the original, but I had to interpret some parts, especially with her kimono design and obi (sash), but I did my best and I drew everything with respect to this culture and to her. Sorry in case of mistakes!!

Hope you are having a nice time and enjoy what you love to do. See you soon!!