Friday, 28 November 2014

Fast sketches

Finally, I decided to post some of those illustrations I left done for the live drawing session I attended.

As I said last week, I took with me some fast illustrations done the day before for people to take. All of these have now a new home! But I wanted to show you just a few of them here. These are done with pencil colors and ink, except for the last illustration of the little boy, which is done with water-based markers.

I don't think I will post more of these, at least not for a while. Have fun!! :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Girl with long hair

Today I'm in a hurry, but at least I wanted to post something today as every week.

This time, it's a little test I made some weeks ago with water-based markers. I had a few of them in my power for a long time and I'm starting to get the hang of them little by little... I'm getting quite addicted! I like using them as watercolors, especially for sketches because of they are faster to use (and they dry fast, so it's always good when you are in a hurry. I think will keep using them for a while :).

Many things to do! Anyway, I will try to make a new post this week if I get some free time, also, I have pending to post some of the illustrations I made for the live drawing session I attended last week.

See you!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Live drawing session

This Sunday (16th November), as I told you last post, I was invited to participate in a live drawing session as part of an event called "Te-beo en la calle" celebrated in my city. Well, the day arrived and I had to draw whatever people wanted me to draw.

I was a little nervous at first, it makes me nervous to have people watching intently what I'm doing, but it was something I wanted to try and to test myself. At the end that nervousness went away and I was able to make it! I had a lot fun drawing among really talented artists (I loved the time we had drawing for each other!! :).

It was great to talk to those who came to you asking for a drawing (especially little kids, like the one on the photo who asked me for a princess). Here you have a photo my sister took of me while I was drawing one of these (from my Instagram). Surely I will edit this post later to add more:
This time I was asked for an Alice eating the magic mushroom. Here is a photo of its inking process.
A cat with a cloth hat.

But not everything will be photos in this post! I took there with me some fast illustrations I drew the day before with me. I thought that maybe it would take me a long time to finish just a few illustrations, so I let people in a hurry to take one of those with them. I'm glad I did it because sometimes there were too many people waiting!! Here you have two of them, I will post some of these maybe in my Twitter:

Two random illustrations done with ink and markers

All I can say is that it was a great experience, I'm glad I took part in it, as it was a new challenge for me for sure! People was really nice and I can't wait to meet again all those talented artists who participated. A great way to spend a Sunday! Sure thing I ended exausted, but it was deserved.

Hope you have fun!! Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Calm journey

Not always is necessary a long (or fast) journey to live a great adventure, just be sure to get the company for it to make unforgettable memories!

Well, those days were a little busy, but I have been drawing all time I could manage, especially traditional illustrations,. I will show you here some of them soon :)

By the way, I will be drawing at a live drawing session celebrated in my city (Cordoba, Spain) this weekend of November 16th. It is part of a drawing event called "Te-beo en la calle". I won't be the only one there! there will more illustrators and artist invited. If you are in my city that day, you can go and see us drawing. For more information visit this web (in Spanish).

It's something new for me, but I will try my best that day!

Hope you have a nice day! See you!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

In the night

This little owl is ready to enjoy the night :)

I had this illustration finished on my computer done for a few weeks, I couldn't wait to show it to you because it was really fun drawing and coloring it!

These next weeks will be quite busy for me, I will let you know soon (surely in my Twitter), but it has to do something with the fact that I participated as a judge in a drawing contest celebrated in my city.

It was a really exciting experience because it's the first time I was judge in a contest!. It was a little difficult at first, to decide, especially because of there were many different styles (I loved that fact a lot!) ... It was a great experience for sure, and I learnt a few new things thanks to this opportunity, which is always good. I'm really glad I could take part in it :)

More to come in the near future. Hope you have a nice day!!