Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just a bit please!

Yummy cake and a little one who is waiting for a portion for him, maybe? Just a bit! ;)

Today's not my birthday or something like that, but the sketch of this little illustration has been lost in my computer for some time, and I thought it was time to finish it!! Now I wish I can do the same with the rest of my pending sketches... but there're so many that I think they could take me years to finish (and imagine all those I decide to dismiss... what can I say, I really like to sketch).

Also, those days I have been really busy, specially this weekend, to help a friend of mine with something! I really hope everything will be fine for her, she did a wonderful job. So, now back to work (till I can, because of next month I will be moving a lot for many things) !! I will try to keep working more with my blog these days, even if it has to be little by little, but I wanna plan some things for it :)

So, I hope you have a nice day!! Have fun and see you!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Something fast for today, as I will be really busy today... again. It's almost crazy!! Maybe I will need to be careful to not break something around me at this rate!!

It was a little test to mix some of my pencil colors, from different brands.

Anyway, see you and have fun!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My love to you

Always next to your window, at the same hour, I'm waiting for your love proof, which makes every day be special, no matter the weather, no matter the pain.

I didn't know when to show this illustration here, but as it looks like I will get a little more free time for myself, I thought it was the right moment. This one always brings me good energy, so maybe it'll help me to keep working, little by little no time to stop!! :)

Many things to do!! This weekend I have been sketching like crazy. I can't stop to start some new illustrations and to show them here as soon as possible!! I'm really motivated (for these sketches and some silly works which are helping me to disconnect... and to feel a little ashamed too, but once in a while it's fine, isn't it :D?.

I hope your days to be a good one. Good energy and see you!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Again a little test with my pencil colors in colored paper :)

Finally yesterday I was able to get a little time for myself to draw again, after many days. I finished another illustration and now I'm planing to start a new one!! I need to make up for loss time as much as I can, but I still got many things to finish... but I will get them, I promise!! ;___;

So, back to work while I can!. Have fun and see you!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Princess cup

This is the princess of a little island made out of sugar and cakes, with rivers of tea and surrounded by coffee. The castle where she lives is made of delicious wafer. She is really happy there, even if she feels lonely sometimes.

I made a sketch of this illustration, a really little one, long time ago, and I had a lot of fun while coloring it!!

These days are crazy for many reasons, I'm scared I will get a lot of overdue work (and new one to add to these too). It's the worst, having some days more "free" and then all coming to you in a moment.  Well, not that I can do that much about it, actually)

Anyway, have fun and see you!! :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Croak Prince

This little prince wants to be a frog instead of a prince! Why can't he be just like them?

This illustration has been on my computer for months, but I thought it was time to finally show it here already. I had a lot of fun with this little boy!!

I can imagine him trying his best to copy them, jumping like crazy, or swimming like them (with terrible reprimand afterwards, of course!!) ... although I think he would have more problems with their food... our little prince doesn't like eating insects. Actually, he prefers sweets (like a lot!) ;)

These days are crazy, but I'm trying my best to keep drawing as much as I can. So, have fun and see you!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Special trunk

Books are the best thing in the world!! I want to stack them up and to see how high I can get with them!. All those, one over other, are the trunk of my life, of myself, so I can't let any of them fall ;)!!

Really, books are great. I found some forgotten books of when I was a child (maybe that's why I drew this little girl again for this illustration). I know I have more lost in my house, once I found a few more, maybe I will create a post about some of these (they are my background after all), who knows... ;). Even now, I still like some of them, other left me feeling like... really?. It's fun to know how much I changed over all these years, and at the same time, I'm still the same in some way.

Now back to work!! too many things to do, so... See you tomorrow!!