Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My love to you

Always next to your window, at the same hour, I'm waiting for your love proof, which makes every day be special, no matter the weather, no matter the pain.

I didn't know when to show this illustration here, but as it looks like I will get a little more free time for myself, I thought it was the right moment. This one always brings me good energy, so maybe it'll help me to keep working, little by little no time to stop!! :)

Many things to do!! This weekend I have been sketching like crazy. I can't stop to start some new illustrations and to show them here as soon as possible!! I'm really motivated (for these sketches and some silly works which are helping me to disconnect... and to feel a little ashamed too, but once in a while it's fine, isn't it :D?.

I hope your days to be a good one. Good energy and see you!!

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