Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Special trunk

Books are the best thing in the world!! I want to stack them up and to see how high I can get with them!. All those, one over other, are the trunk of my life, of myself, so I can't let any of them fall ;)!!

Really, books are great. I found some forgotten books of when I was a child (maybe that's why I drew this little girl again for this illustration). I know I have more lost in my house, once I found a few more, maybe I will create a post about some of these (they are my background after all), who knows... ;). Even now, I still like some of them, other left me feeling like... really?. It's fun to know how much I changed over all these years, and at the same time, I'm still the same in some way.

Now back to work!! too many things to do, so... See you tomorrow!!

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