Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Just a bit please!

Yummy cake and a little one who is waiting for a portion for him, maybe? Just a bit! ;)

Today's not my birthday or something like that, but the sketch of this little illustration has been lost in my computer for some time, and I thought it was time to finish it!! Now I wish I can do the same with the rest of my pending sketches... but there're so many that I think they could take me years to finish (and imagine all those I decide to dismiss... what can I say, I really like to sketch).

Also, those days I have been really busy, specially this weekend, to help a friend of mine with something! I really hope everything will be fine for her, she did a wonderful job. So, now back to work (till I can, because of next month I will be moving a lot for many things) !! I will try to keep working more with my blog these days, even if it has to be little by little, but I wanna plan some things for it :)

So, I hope you have a nice day!! Have fun and see you!!

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