Friday, 31 January 2014


Yesterday I was in a workshop made by Córdoba Despega concretly the one imparted by CoSfera. During our break, they gave us some slate board to write something about our experience there, so I sketched quickly a little light bulb as a representation of getting a new idea ;).

I know it wasn't exactly like this one, but close enough... I drew this illustration very fast yesterday after arriving home.

I had a great time there, but I also had plans for later so... it was a really busy day, almost all day out, though I could meet really nice people, and that's a good thing. Well...I think I will need to rest  little longer to recover completely ;P

Nothing else for today, have fun!!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Submarine stop

This little whale is ready to travel! He's waiting patiently for his transport (even with a "frame" in case it's late, because, you know, whale needs to go to surface to breath... In that case... why not a fish bowl?)

I drew this last summer, actually!! from a very small sketch. As I took it to my televised interview and as I talked a little about it that day, I thought it was the right time to do it ;). Better late than never!!

I really had a lot of fun with this one. I tried to take care of every detail and color, I'm sure that's why it was one of my illustrations done with pencil colors that took me longer to finish. Too bad, I can't help it, to use them, relax me!

Nothing else for today! Hope you have fun, as I'm sure this little whale will have ;).

By the way, tomorrow I won't post anything here in my blog. I'm going to learn something new!, lets see how this will come off.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Too cool for my taste

This cup is really cool, can't you tell by his attitude, pose, and his rebellious cream? Well, maybe he's not that "bad boy"... But, isn't that ground cinnamon? Better not to mention it to him ;)

Another cup for my collection. I really love all my little cups, even this bigheaded one ;). I have a pile of sketches of them, I can't wait to start them and show them to you.

Many things to do... it's time to work, but I hope you have a nice day!

Monday, 27 January 2014


I made this illustration, to play a little with my graphic tablet and. I wanted to play with a pattern of lines, curves and spirals to decorate all this illustration. It was really fun to do!!

These last three days I was resting a little, and I mean of digital illustrations!! I was sketching a lot, and I can't wait to start them... as soon as I finish all of those that are waiting to be finished for a long time... I have a problem when I start sketching... that I don't know when to stop with them!! So addicting!! Well, the good thing about it is that I have many ideas for new illustrations for when I'm not sure about what to draw next :)

Nothing else for today!! See you tomorrow ;)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Shell and Bow

A little sketch I made... some months ago. I wish someday I get time to finish it ;).

Today I'm busy, so a sketch for today!! ;). Really, I need a break from this week, but there's no time to waste. Let's keep working!!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Filmed interview

Last Tuesday I was interviewed by a private channel in my city, PTV Córdoba, to talk about my illustrations (again only in Spanish). I also show some of my traditional illustration, some of those done with pencil colors. Also, you can see my Moleskine.
I'm still surprised with this interview. Sure, there're things I would have liked to remember, I had more to say, but my I forgot to mention them, to talk about my ideas, and concepts... I think I just lived the moment without thinking too much, just answering to the interviewer's questions, not even stoping filming once. Maybe not perfect, but also not that bad :)

The interviewer was lovely and very kind with me, she constantly tried to make me laugh. Also the camera man, very patient. If they are reading this, I really want to thank them for that day! :)

Talking about another interview, yesterday I was interviewed by a radio, concretely, Radio Córdoba SER (yeah, Spanish... sorry). I shared its audio in my FB page and Twitter, but you can hear it directly from here.

Again, the interviewer was very kind with me and attentive, even if I was there just for a few minutes. If you are reading this, thank you :)

Don't worry!! It's the last interview I have done lately. Last week, till yesterday, was very busy, in part because of them, but it was also fun, I learned a lot about myself for sure!

I will be back to my schedule in the next days. See you and thank you for your support!!

Monday, 20 January 2014

True self

Is this a cat or a mouse? both? or a mouse trying to be a cat ;)?

I was planning posting something different for today, but I changed my mind ... I think I will post it on Wednesday.

I think tomorrow I won't be able to post anything here, I was invited to go to a radio of my city for an interview to talk about my illustrations! It was a big surprise when they contacted me... I will try best to not get too nervous. I will tell you more about it once it's over.

Nothing else for today! Have un and see you!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

[Video] Apadrinando el Talento

I have been participating in a project called "Apadrinando el Talento" created in Girona (Barcelona). In this project, they introduce young people who finished studying to a mentor to help them to develop professionally after finishing their studies.

My mentor, Miguel Ángel from CoSfera and myself were one of the participants selected in my city to be filmed to talk about our experience in this project.

It's only in Spanish, but at least you can see me drawing and with my beloved Moleskine (the older). The experience was really good, everyone was very professional that day and kind with me. I also met really nice people that day too, and people from my city that also participate in this project.

I'm glad I decided to take part in this project and that I was able to meet Miguel. He really cares about me, and I'm very grateful for that!!

It was my first filmed interview, and I was really nervous!! But it's not the only one ;). I will let you know soon. This month is being really busy! but that's good. I think it's a really good way to start the year, and I'm really glad for that :)

Have a nice day!

Time to play!

This little kitty is very playful! He just wants to play with her shoelace.

Again playing with graphite. I drew it at the same time I made the illustration I posted here yesterday. When I was a kid, my house was near to another where lived some cats. They were good but not too sociable (they had their moments). But one day, one of them came to me and started rubbing and playing between my legs and shoes, it was very sweet :)

I only had a bird and fishes as pets when I was a kid. My sister and myself got two turtles from my parents too. They are still with us, for 15 years!! At this rate they will live longer than us!!. They were so small the first time we meet them, especially the big one, is almost as big as my hand!!

See you soon!!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

On the way to home

New illustration!! This one is made with graphite :)

Yesterday was a busy day!! one specially nervous for me!! But now it is over! No time to regret... or at least not too much!! Don't worry, you will know what I mean really soon!!

Anyway, I felt like a kid that went to class for the first day, I mean with that feeling of nervousness, but little by little those feelings got calmer and everything went smoothly... or maybe too much? Well, I don't care, it was fun!! and a challenge for me!!

Nothing else for today!! So, have fun!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Letters to wish

This is the illustration I told you I decided not to post here last week. Even if Christmas passed by, I made this illustration as an intention to celebrate New Year's resolutions. I wanted to draw kids writing letters not for Santa, or Three Wise Kings (in my country) but to write their best wishes for the new year and later to hang them on the Christmas tree.

I also thought that some elves and assistants would want to take these letters as discretely as possible, so their work for next year will be easier (I think the need to hurry or they will be caught ;)!!)

About how I made this illustration, I actually drew the children you can see in the forefront as the rest of the illustration, but to give the illustration more deep, I got them out of focus.

I felt pity for them, so here they are, as I drew them originally:

I really hope this year to be a good one, but for it to be a good one, there's a long way to work and to make it happen :)

Have fun! I think tomorrow I won't be able to post anything here, it's time to get a little nervous again, but I hope it will be for the best... (and for me not to mess up! I will try my best!)

Monday, 13 January 2014


Let me introduce you to Mr. Casimiro. Casimiro is an erudite. He loves to learn about many topics, though philosophy has a special place in his bookshelves (and heart).

I actually designed him a long time ago in my first Moleskine, and I colored him some months ago... it was time to show him here already. His name was my sister idea ;).
 Busy week, but with energy! Have fun!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Present: Blue jacket

It was one of the last present that some friends and myself made for a friend. I was the one who wrapped and decorated it, again, all this having in mind the present ;)

After looking at many stores, I found this bag which was the perfect color I wanted to find. I drew in the bag a jacket, as if it was the one of a certain character, with its white shirt painted with acrylics. To add dimension, I decided to glue three buttons to it, just like that character's jacket ;)

Inside the bag was the present you can see in the last photo, with a handmade tag.

Could you guess what was the present inside? Its size and specially the bag are a clue ;)

I really had a lot of fun with his one (and it made me remember the one I decorated last year)!! I already have sketched some new ideas to decorate more bags as if they were a jacket or a shirt for future presents. Nothing too complicated but that makes a simple bag turn into a cute one to use from time to time. I can't wait for the next one!

Nothing else for today! Have fun!

Thursday, 9 January 2014


I found this old sketch I made months ago... which I absolutely forgot, so I decided to color it.

It looks like this month will be a busy one after all!! I need to organize ;).  I hope, if the start of this year is like this, then it will mean that the rest of it will be good enough.

Nothing else for today. Back to work again!! See you!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tweet tweet

First illustration I made to test my newest pencil colors (my Christmas present). I really love them, so soft and their colors are so pastel-like... I'm scared to use them too much, I wish they could stay untouched forever, but you know, they are to be used after all ;). I had a lot of fun while coloring it.

By the way, I posted a photo in my Instagram when I made this illustration and with my pencil colors.

I actually wanted to post something different for today... but I changed my mind. Even if it would be "better" to show it today, I will wait to post it next week ;)

Nothing else for today! Have fun!!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Celebrating New Year

I made this illustration of my cup series before the new year, as a celebration for 2014. Time for those glasses (wine and champagne) to celebrate the start of this year! I think they would "knock" gently each other to wish each other good year ;)

I know I know! It's been a week, but better late than never. I really hope for this year to be a good one, in a general aspect. These are hard times, but they will go away someday, and a better one will come. Now it's time to keep working and looking forward. It's not easy, but without motion, there's no action, I don't know if you get what I mean...

I will try my best this year, but I also don't want to rush anything. I want to take it easy, a little at least. It's what works for me, but I don't want to stop for sure!. I want to keep going, it's only that I will try to concede myself some "relaxation", or free time to read, or to laze around a little ;). I just don't want to exhaust too soon. But as I said, I will try to keep working and learning every day.

I have many resolutions for this year, but these are only for myself to be known ;).

Anyway. I hope you have fun! Do your best!

Monday, 6 January 2014

The next morning

Three Wise Kings arrived!! In my country it's a tradition that, January 6th, the children wake up to find under the Christmas tree presents that Three Wise Kings brought them the night before if they were good during the year. Some people do celebrate also Santa Claus here, but Three Wise King are the most outstanding in our culture :). So, did Three Wise Kings visit you?

This is the illustration I made as a sequel to this one. Only this time with the umbrella closed as if it was a "real" Christmas Tree. I think she would use her umbrella as a Christmas Tree for these occasions ;).

I just wish I would have had more time to finish this one, but I have another festive-like illustration that is taking me longer than expected to finish... but I think it's enough to celebrate today's celebration :)

Have fun! And be good this year to get your gift next time!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

After rain...

Here in my country is still holiday days, especially for children. Three Wise Kings will arrive really soon ;). Also, it's been raining a little where I live, also windy, but I'm sure that Mr. Sun is waiting for the right moment to show itself, he also needs "vacations" from time to time.

Because of one of my last illustrations, I thought about to design a new umbrella, this one representing a rainy day, with drops attached to it, and with the sun above it. I already have a few ideas for new designs, I will start illustrating then as soon as I get free time :)

Nothing else for today!! Have fun, and don't forget your umbrella if the weather is awful!