Friday, 10 January 2014

Present: Blue jacket

It was one of the last present that some friends and myself made for a friend. I was the one who wrapped and decorated it, again, all this having in mind the present ;)

After looking at many stores, I found this bag which was the perfect color I wanted to find. I drew in the bag a jacket, as if it was the one of a certain character, with its white shirt painted with acrylics. To add dimension, I decided to glue three buttons to it, just like that character's jacket ;)

Inside the bag was the present you can see in the last photo, with a handmade tag.

Could you guess what was the present inside? Its size and specially the bag are a clue ;)

I really had a lot of fun with his one (and it made me remember the one I decorated last year)!! I already have sketched some new ideas to decorate more bags as if they were a jacket or a shirt for future presents. Nothing too complicated but that makes a simple bag turn into a cute one to use from time to time. I can't wait for the next one!

Nothing else for today! Have fun!

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