Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Filmed interview

Last Tuesday I was interviewed by a private channel in my city, PTV Córdoba, to talk about my illustrations (again only in Spanish). I also show some of my traditional illustration, some of those done with pencil colors. Also, you can see my Moleskine.
I'm still surprised with this interview. Sure, there're things I would have liked to remember, I had more to say, but my I forgot to mention them, to talk about my ideas, and concepts... I think I just lived the moment without thinking too much, just answering to the interviewer's questions, not even stoping filming once. Maybe not perfect, but also not that bad :)

The interviewer was lovely and very kind with me, she constantly tried to make me laugh. Also the camera man, very patient. If they are reading this, I really want to thank them for that day! :)

Talking about another interview, yesterday I was interviewed by a radio, concretely, Radio Córdoba SER (yeah, Spanish... sorry). I shared its audio in my FB page and Twitter, but you can hear it directly from here.

Again, the interviewer was very kind with me and attentive, even if I was there just for a few minutes. If you are reading this, thank you :)

Don't worry!! It's the last interview I have done lately. Last week, till yesterday, was very busy, in part because of them, but it was also fun, I learned a lot about myself for sure!

I will be back to my schedule in the next days. See you and thank you for your support!!


  1. Bravo Carmen! Me alegra mucho ver esto! Eres una ilustradora muy mágica :)

    1. Muchas gracias Jesús! Estaba algo nerviosa al principio, peor mas o menos sali adelante ;).

      Y gracias por tus palabras, de verdad. Significan mucho para mi.