Friday, 17 January 2014

Time to play!

This little kitty is very playful! He just wants to play with her shoelace.

Again playing with graphite. I drew it at the same time I made the illustration I posted here yesterday. When I was a kid, my house was near to another where lived some cats. They were good but not too sociable (they had their moments). But one day, one of them came to me and started rubbing and playing between my legs and shoes, it was very sweet :)

I only had a bird and fishes as pets when I was a kid. My sister and myself got two turtles from my parents too. They are still with us, for 15 years!! At this rate they will live longer than us!!. They were so small the first time we meet them, especially the big one, is almost as big as my hand!!

See you soon!!

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