Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Letters to wish

This is the illustration I told you I decided not to post here last week. Even if Christmas passed by, I made this illustration as an intention to celebrate New Year's resolutions. I wanted to draw kids writing letters not for Santa, or Three Wise Kings (in my country) but to write their best wishes for the new year and later to hang them on the Christmas tree.

I also thought that some elves and assistants would want to take these letters as discretely as possible, so their work for next year will be easier (I think the need to hurry or they will be caught ;)!!)

About how I made this illustration, I actually drew the children you can see in the forefront as the rest of the illustration, but to give the illustration more deep, I got them out of focus.

I felt pity for them, so here they are, as I drew them originally:

I really hope this year to be a good one, but for it to be a good one, there's a long way to work and to make it happen :)

Have fun! I think tomorrow I won't be able to post anything here, it's time to get a little nervous again, but I hope it will be for the best... (and for me not to mess up! I will try my best!)

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