Tuesday, 4 November 2014

In the night

This little owl is ready to enjoy the night :)

I had this illustration finished on my computer done for a few weeks, I couldn't wait to show it to you because it was really fun drawing and coloring it!

These next weeks will be quite busy for me, I will let you know soon (surely in my Twitter), but it has to do something with the fact that I participated as a judge in a drawing contest celebrated in my city.

It was a really exciting experience because it's the first time I was judge in a contest!. It was a little difficult at first, to decide, especially because of there were many different styles (I loved that fact a lot!) ... It was a great experience for sure, and I learnt a few new things thanks to this opportunity, which is always good. I'm really glad I could take part in it :)

More to come in the near future. Hope you have a nice day!!

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