Monday, 16 May 2016


May is a really important month in my city, Cordoba. Almost all of it is festive: The month of flowers, of patios, of cruces (crosses) decorated with flower, with lots of food and people in the streets... At the end of it is our Feria (festival) too. It's a really busy month for sure, with really colorful and great for people to visit.

I decided to draw this illustration to celebrate it. A girl wearing a flamenco dress :)

Especially at the end of this month, it's usual to see people wearing our traditional clothes (we don't wear these clothes every day, and also, I'm talking about my city. Every region of Spain has its own traditional clothes.)

There's still half of the month left to enjoy, even if for me it's being like a usual one, but it's not a bad thing, I's working on some new illustrations.

Hope you have a nice day.

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