Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Little Prince Zine

I can finally show you the illustration I did for an online fanzine called The Little Prince Zine, organized by Jilian Andre. The final zine will be posted officially during this month here, but we already got permission to post our illustrations online. You can check the rest of the illustrators who took part in it with hashtag #thelittleprincezine (for Twitter and Tumblr specially). Thanks to Jilian for organizing this zine and to let me take part in it.

About my illustration, we could do any illustration we liked about The Little Prince book, and in my case, I chose to illustrate my own version of chapter 12: the one about the tippler. Surely not the most famous chapter, but one that called my attention since the first time I read this book.

It tells us Little Prince' short visit to a planet where a tippler lives, lost in his drinking and ashamed of his actions, but incapable to stop doing so.

I wanted to do my own interpretation of this chapter. Of course, this man doesn't live in a big bottle in the book, but I wanted to show with it his addiction, and how lost he is, so much he's unable to see the house outside, with a light on!. I wanted people to think that maybe there was someone waiting for him, but he 's unable to get out "of his bottle" and embarrassment. Little Prince can't reach ("to swim") to him, this man won't listen to him, and he needs to go to the next planet. Just the man can go out. Will he be able? There are better things for him out there...

I think this chapter needs to be more famous, even if it can look random and really short, there's a lot of meanning behind it, and always actual.

I had fun planning this one. And if you noticed, I used the same character for the Little Prince as in this illustration.

I will let you know once this fanzine is up for everyone to check. Hope you had a nice start of classes, or back to work. See you for now! (now back to work, next week will be busy for sure!)

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