Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lake of secrets

Te-beo en la calle finished last Sunday. Artist alley went great. Also the live drawing session.

One of the surprises of those days is that last Friday I discovered I won the contest of Trampa fanzine, in the category I participated, senior illustration. I really didn't expect it!! but it also made my day... Even if it still looks like a dream.

The illustration you can see above, is the one I sent to participate. A mermaid in a lake? I wanted people to get a story, their own version, out of this illustration :)

Also, here is a photo, thanks to Alberto Bueno, of the moment right after I got the diploma:

If you are in Córdoba (Spain) you could get the fanzine for free, with my illustration on it, among the rest of participants.

It's all for today. Have a nice day!!

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