Monday, 29 February 2016

Mr Badger's Christmas Tree

Finally, here is the last of the four children books I illustrated for Zielona Sowa, all of them written by Urszula Pitura. Its title in English would be "Mr Badger's Christmas Tree". This one is different to the other three, because it was created with a tree shape, and also bigger in size. My first stencil book! It was fun to do :)

It tells the story of some friends trying to decorate together a Christmas Tree, but discovering something is missing...

And with this one here are all the books I made during last summer. Can't still believe they are done and in my hands. They are like my babies.

To let you know, they can be bought if you are from Poland through Zielona Sowa web.

I decided to show it now because it's the last day of February, in my country at least, and still winter (actually it looks like winter finally arrived in Spain, it's getting colder now than it was at the start of the year.). It's cold, so... it's fitting right? Better late than never.

It looks like I will be busy for a little while, but I hope you have fun and a good start of the week!

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