Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Diabetic cup

I made this illustration as a present to a group of persons that created an app called Diabetapp (which made them to win First Place Startup Weekend Córdoba 2013) to help diabetic people know about what kind of products and aliments are the best for them. They are still developing it, but I'm sure they will finish it soon and will be realy useful ;)

As it is a mobile app, this little cup is holding a mobile with their logo. Also, as it's an app about diabetes, It's kicking a sugar lump. Bye bye sugar! No need to worry ;)

Nothing else for today. But I will tell you I'm planing to post something I created during my photography studies, which I wanted to show here for a long time... it's just that I never found the right day ;). Better late than never, so, if you are curious, keep an eye here tomorrow.

See you!!

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