Monday, 24 February 2014

Knitting memories

She's knitting a scarf with the memories of a loved one.

Finished version of this sketch I posted here some days ago. With it I wanted to play a similar style I tried here months ago. I enjoy drawing these "square-round" shapes (I don't know how to call them, sorry!).

Back to my blog again!! These days were crazy for sure!! More than I expected, like my little trip, or the "preparation" for a (actually two) Birthday party... But that's what happens when you are too perfectionist for your own good, and that's what happened when you offer yourself to make all that work... I actually enjoy doing these "chores" and things, especially for people I love, to make sure they will like it. But at the last minute it can be a little stressful sometimes... well, later you see that person's face and you forget it ;)

And what happens when you focus yourself too much on one thing? you lose track of the rest, and now I see I neglected my illustrations a little. Time to make up for lost time. This week I will focus more on my work or illustration in general.

Ah! By the way, I have new things/posts planned I can't wait to show you as soon as possible!! Be patient, please!

So, nothing else for today!! Hope you had a great weekend (maybe a relaxed one?). See you tomorrow!!

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