Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

This little cupcake reindeer want to wish you Happy Holidays!!

It's something I made for the art market where I recently participated, a little set of four stickers for this winter theme (as tags for presents, it's just the version without its text).

After the market I decided to take a little break (as I also got a strong cold too, I needed to recover). Just let me tell you everything went quite fine, better than expected, and that I'm very happy with how people reacted to everything on the table, and their opinion. I got my flu there (together with my sister who also participated), but it was deserved for sure. Thank you to everyone who went there ;)!

Here is just a photo of the table we were together, just before starting:

As you can there there're works I didn't post here, but I will show them soon, be patient. For now, I hope you have a nice holiday everyone!! See you!!

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