Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Chocolate with churros

Time to eat churros with hot chocolate (especially now that it looks like cold will "finally" arrive where I live).

By the way! I made a calendar with some of these cups of mine. Actually, this one was chosen for "January"! I sold them at the art market celebrated in my old school. I will try to get a photo of it once I get to make a new one (out of stock)

Also, finally I am back here after some busy days (in Spain it's been holidays till January 6th). Really, I just need some time to get to finish all the things I left undone (and to show you those I still didn't post here). Oh well, little by little :)

Now time to work, I really hope you have a nice start of the year!


  1. Carmen hope you recovered from your flu! work is always waiting, and we have to be thankful! Hope you also have a nice start of the year

    1. Thank you for caring, Rocío, I'm fine :)! I hope you have a nice start of the year too. My best wishes for you!