Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Parachuting Cup

From time to time it's good to jump into the unknown (it can be literally with a parachute... or even a serviette, or metaphorically ;)

Again, one of my cups, this one also appeared in my little calendar. Really, I need to take photos of it really soon!! At least one!

About me, these days are being really busy (I think I will be for a while), I have a lot pending work to do, but I'm also quite happy with it, it's forcing me to try new things, which is always nice, to challenge oneself. It's funny how all work comes to you at the same time, I can be quite "relaxed" for a few days (and I mean as working on something for another person, not for myself), and then... there is a lot of work just in front of you!! It's quite usual for any artist, isn't it?, I really can't complain :)

I will tell you about all this work really soon. For now, have fun and see you next week!!

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