Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Winter Stories books

Do you remember this summer I said I was busy working on something? here is the secret! I was illustrating these four children books for Polish publishing house Zielona Sowa! They are written by Urszula Pitura.

I had a lot of fun working on them and I learnt many new things (first time working with a stencil)! All of them are part of a series called Zimowe opowieści (Winter Stories) and they are printed on hard cardboard so little children can hold them easily.

If you are from Poland they are for sale on their web HERE. They can also be bought from empik.com

Once I'm over with an illustration event I'm participating here in my city (Te-beo en la calle), I will post more photos and maybe inside pictures ;). But for now...

Choinka pana Borsuka (Mr. Badger's Christmas tree)

Ślady na śniegu (Tracks on Snow)

Śnieżne gwiazdki (Snowflakes)

Zimowa wyprawa (Winter Expedition)

I really have no words of gratitude to Zielona Sowa for having faith in me to do this project. They were also extremely kind to me. Thank you very much!

With these I have illustrated five books. So happy!! :)

That's all for now! See you!

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