Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Winter Expedition book

Zimowa Wyprawa, or Winter Expedition in english, was one of the four books I illustrated for Zielona Sowa and written by Urszula Pitura. Again a little set with the book alone plus one of the inside of the book.

It has similar characteristics to the last one I posted some days ago, but with a red fox (and friends) as a protagonist ;)

By the way, you know these nuts come from the walnut tree, right?. Well, my last name, Nogales, is the plural of how we name/translate that tree here in Spain (nogal in the singular and nogales when it's more than one tree). So I couldn't help drawing this particular kind of nuts, it made smile :)

Again, it can be bought if you are from Poland through Zielona Sowa web.

Here is a photo of a detail of the back of the book:

With this book, let me wish you a happy new year! At least here in my country, these holidays will last till January 6th, though I hope you can enjoy the last days of these days. My best wishes for you for the start of this new year!

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