Tuesday, 17 January 2017


At the end of 2016, I (among the other senior winners from Trampa Fanzine) got a call from a university newspaper to do an illustration for them about Cordoba's youth. Here is the Illustration I drew with that theme, and you can watch the rest here.

Young people, and maybe not so young ;), love to go out and to take a drink with some tapas and spending a while just talking with a friend about anything.  The weather here is really sunny (by the way, the sun I drew has the typical colors of Cordoba's Mezquita Catedral), in general, so bars with terraces are really loved to stop by to chat.

The words you can see above them, are some of the words typically used in this city, so if you are not from Cordoba maybe you don't know what they really mean, but it's not important, so don't worry!

Somthing a little different from what I usually do, but it was fun!

Hope the start of the year is starting the best way possible. In my case I have not much time, but I'm fine. See ou and let's keep going with energy!!

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