Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mother's hug

A mother is always there to give you a hug, no need to ask for it, no matter where you go in your life, her love will always follow you :)

The origin of this illustration is an old sketch, but I just felt like to draw it finally recently. It happens a lot to me, I'm constantly drawing sketches, more than I'm actually "coloring" an illustration.

One of these little sketches I'm talking about can be lost in a sketchbook for months, in some cases even years!!, but there's always a time when I felt it's the right moment to finish it (or that I casually found it at the right moment).

Sure, the final illustration can change a little of the original sketch, but its essence is there anyway. Of course, there're exceptions too. Sometimes I sketch the illustration I really want to finish at the moment, but there many cases in which I decide to finish it once I got that feeling. I don't want to rush things if it's something I'm doing for myself.

Of course, you can imagine all the sketches I have pending to be finished someday... I have to time to feel bored at all with them!!

Anyway, back to work again!! to finish some of these sketches, patiently waiting for me ;)! Have fun!!

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