Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sweet bath

Those cookies are ready for a milk bath!!

I haven't drawn them (the cookies I mean) till this time, it was nice to go back to them and to draw them interacting with one of my cups! Those cookies look like little lively creatures which jump constantly around a cup! (or at least for now!).

So, my life is just as usual, I have been drawing as much as I could during these days, but now it's time to rest a little from work. I still need to finish some illustrations before, but, next month I will finally have vacations!! Yeah, everyone will be finishing theirs but I sadly couldn't. It's been a thought wait (the weather here is terrible), but I think I deserve it! I hope I get good energy thanks to those days!!

Because of that, and because I need time to finish certain illustrations, I won't post anything here in my blog till I'm back. So expect me to be back once September is started. But you can still find me on Twitter!

So, if you are finishing your holidays, have a nice day and good luck with your work/school! Start them with energy! See you on September everyone!!

Thank you for being there :)

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