Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Table fight

This boy is ready to fight against vegetables! No table manners, it's time to fight! That's what I want, some time to play carelessly and to have fun... but there're many things reminding me to keep working... ;)

It's one of the illustrations I've been playing with lately. I'm quite happy with these little tests (even if some of them turned out as finished works!) ! They changed my way to see or to create an illustration from zero, to play with my ideas... I want to keep experimenting with these and see where will they guide me, just like this little adventurer ;). It's time to keep growing and learning.

It's just one of the first tests. The rest will appear little my little, among the rest of my pending illustrations, here or in my Twitter, who knows.

For now, have fun and don't stress yourself too much!

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