Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn steps

After a relaxed week (but not unproductive) I'm ready to keep going, stepping on autumn leafs and listening to its crunch ;)

This month is starting as one full of changes! I'm playing with my last illustrations a little, trying new things, and having a lot of fun, just like a little kid. I plan on reading a lot these next days, I want to learn new things... I feel very contemplative during autumn :)

What I love more about this season are leaves and their warm colors! I couldn't help to make an illustrations with them.

So, new changes are here! I didn't say anything before because I wanted it "to finish", but really soon I will take part as a judge in a drawing contest celebrated in my city! I was chosen for it months ago, but now that the time to participate in it is over, I think it's time to tell it to everyone about it!. Can't wait! I will do my best!

So, I hope you have a nice week!! The new season brings new winds ;)

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