Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Duck bath

Those days are being really hot here!! The weather is terrible during summer where I live, so I thought it was the right time to show this illustration!!

Anyway, this week was a really busy one, with the visit of a friend from another city, and later a photo shoot. It was really fun having our friend here!! there's many things I want to start now thanks to this visit... lets see what will it turn out at he end. I can't wait to meet her again!! Yesterday, I participated in a photo session, with myself as a model this time!! it was a nice change. Even if I'm not a good model at all, I had fun, but it was also really tiring at the end... I will tell you soon about these photos!!

So now back to work! This week was a "free" one for me!! (and I write "free" in quotations for more than a reason!), but now I need to keep up with lost time. Have fun and see you!!

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