Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Spike and balloon

This little hedgehog is ready to go to the festival! Maybe he should be careful with his spikes! Or his balloons will explode really soon!! Although... aren't those more balloons inside that bag?.

I drew this illustration before I left for my holidays, when people used to go to festivals thanks to the warm weather. The weather is getting colder here as the days go by, but I wanted to show it here anyway.

So, these days I have been working a little with my blog. There're still many things I want to change... but little by little! At least I'm having fun with it :).

But! I can't be only working on it! I have been drawing a lot!. In case you didn't see my Twitter, I have been posting there some new illustrations there, so if you are curious, go check them here! Though not only final illustrations! I'm also showing from time to time some "wips" of future illustrations I'm working on at the moment :)

Time to keep working on new illustrations to show you soon! Have fun this week and see you!!

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