Monday, 12 August 2013

A letter for you

As time pass by people write letters less and less. It's a pity, I love when I find a letter with my name in my postbox.

I started writing letters to people of my country when I was a young teenager, just because I felt like it. Eventually, I lost contact with these people, but I keep very good memories of that time. I loved to send those friends little presents. I don't regret it, at that time time, it was a very innocent act. If I read the letters now, we were just kids excited to talk with people who lived away with
common interests.

Right know, I only write letters with a friend from my country. I knew that person on the internet, and after some time I asked her for her address (even if I can contact that person on internet ;)).

So I keep with this old fashioned tradition of writing letters and sending presents inside. I enjoy choosing what to send that person next time ;)

Go and write a surprise letter!!

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