Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fly away

Again two illustrations from my Moleskine that I had posted in my Facebook page but not here. Both of them with watercolors.

For the first one, I wanted to make a picture which looks different when you flip it vertically, showing a different concept in each section... so maybe you will have to turn your head a little?.

The second illustration is a little conceptual, as if the paper plane is telling her to keep moving... fly away!!.

I'm sorry I can't show anything new today, but I'm busy! I need time to stop so I have time to finish all I need!!. Yesterday, I finished taking some photos for my sister and myself, and it was a good way to change my routine. I missed preparing and planning a improvised "set" to take photos (I enjoy that moment more than the actual time of taking the photo itself). Now the bad thing is that I need to find time to retouch them for her. Well, I'll find it!! :)

Have a nice day and tomorrow more!!

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