Friday, 16 August 2013

Envelope for Alice

This envelope was one of the first works I did in my second year of Photography. We had to make a corporate gift for an imaginary company. We had to use one of our photos as that gift and a certificate of authenticity for it.

The photo I used is the first photogram of my Alice series.

I created this envelope as if it were a present. I used two different ribbons that were glued together and I sewed the bow on top of the vertical one. I cut Alice silhouette in the front and I glued textured tissue paper inside, so that when you take out the photo, her silhouette will appear coloured. The idea was her to appear as part of the envelope itself, even without the photography inside.

I had to make some handmade atrezzo for some of my photo sessions I would like to show you, but I will write about them on another occasion.

Have a nice day!

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