Saturday, 3 August 2013

About me

Today, I decided to make something different.

What do you know about myself? I thought a little explanation about me could be interesting.

My name is Carmen Nogales I was born in Córdoba (Spain), where I have always lived. I have a little sister and two turtles. Since forever, I have drawn in every possible surface. It was obvious it was really my passion and love. Since I was a little kid, I decided I wanted to become a painter. I kept on drawing and learning by myself (except for one time, that I did a little course in summer. There I learned to use different materials I had not tried before).

Two phtos of drawings I did when I was very little... I'm ashamed.

But when did I decide I wanted to become an illustrator?

I actually hadn't thought about it at first as a profession, really. I didn't know back then that there could be a profession called "Illustrator". It's curious because I have memories of reading children's books and spending more time examining its drawings than actually reading them. I even had some of them as inspiration for certain drawings.

One day when I was a bit older, there was a little drawing contest at the fair of my village for children only. While I was drawing, a young mother came to me and spend a little time watching me, and suddenly told me: "You draw very well... you should work as a children's book illustrator!". That did impress me, I had never though about that possibility... ever. Since then, the idea of becoming an illustrator haunted me. Oh! By the way, I actually won the first price and my sister won the second.

Later, I decided to make it to an Art College (I'm really grateful my parents did support my choice). There, I was told by a teacher that there was a course quite new in my city about Illustration. It made me really happy to know about it. So, this teacher contacted with one of the teachers that worked there (that some months later would become my teacher) and took me to a visit around the school and explained me everything I needed to know about the course. I decided to study there finally!!

Illustration helped me to know about different styles, and showed me how to take professionally an assignment. It was hard sometimes, but I did it!! Also, it gave me a surprise that I wasn't expecting at all, I illustrated my first published book. I couldn't believe it!!

"Operación Ozono". Editorial Edimater.

Later, I decided to study Photography, because in Illustration I had this as an assignature, and I liked it, so I wanted to give it a try. It sure was expensive, but I don't regret studying it. There I met my classmates, which were lovely!! Also, there I learnt a lot, and it helped me to see I really loved working in a team and to organize/plan projects (for which Illustration helped me a lot in that aspect, I drew there as much as back in Illustration). Photography helped me to meet really nice people (photographers,graphic designers, illustrators, painters...) and see things from a different point of view.

Myself making sketches for a grupal project with all my classmates.

So, here I am, motivated enough to start and trying to find my place in this profession which I love. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I will try my best to improve and, above all, to keep learning!!. Hope you can accompany me in this travel.

Do you want to see other places where I am? take a look here.

This post sure is long!!, but I thought it was necessary as a presentation. From time to time I'll try to make a post writing about something random more that just showing my own drawings. Do you have any idea? Would you like me to write about something? I already have some ideas, but it would be nice to know what would you like to read.

Have fun and tomorrow a new illustration!!!


  1. Orgullosa de ser una de esas classmates ;) Eres una fotógrafa, una pintora, una ilustradora y, sobretodo, una persona fantástica!

    1. Laura muchas gracias!!! Eres una classmate y friend estupenda :D. Tu si que tienes talento! Gracias por tener siempre tanta paciencia conmigo!! *abrazo*