Saturday, 23 November 2013

About photography

This photo was made in class, together with my classmate
Nisicrita. They gave us a "word"and we made a photography
like if it were an image to publicity a product. In this case "line"

I decided to study photography because of I really enjoyed it in my Illustration studies. There, I learn to see the image with a different perspective, and learn from observation about color and perspective, but I knew, I had a feeling, that I could learn more about it.

Also, photography is being a hobby I really enjoyed before starting my Illustratration studies, just that I centered it in a more..."familiar way". I loved to take photos of my friends, and film them (till the point they got tired of me).

So, I decided to give it a chance. I knew I would have studied it sooner or later, so why not then?. There, I learn in depth a lot that now is helping me a lot in my illustrations, like the effect that lighting can have on the environment, how can it be affected the weather, hour of the day, place, objects around... Those little things that can create a difference in an illustration.

There was also, in the second year, an as signature where we were told about a photography project and we needed to develop it from the start to final photographies. I really enjoyed the sketch stage! I loved to capture my ideas in the paper. My teachers knew I would go to them the next day with a pile of sketches. I think I sketched and worked on my idea more in Photography than when I was studying illustration (showing them here is useless if you don't see the final photo).

Something that impressed me back then was the need to work with people (when this not necessarily exist in illustration, where you can work in your place, look for references in books or the internet (if you need to draw a tiger you can look for images or even go to the zoo, but if you need one for your photo you will need to be NEAR it, and what it involve), finishes the illustration with guidance and send it. I'm sure that there's other cases in which their work need more help, but I'm talking generally about illustrations for books).

For photography you need to move around a lot, to look for models (sometimes a dear classmate could help, but for others it was impossible), you need to buy clothes, accessories, to decide beforehand where you want to take photos and to ask for permissions if needed, even decide the hour you can start and to finish (in case of outdoor sessions). With photography you depend a lot in other people, but not only in people like the models, you also need assistants for reflectors and lighting, you need to take care of the model (is it cold? are they hungry? do they feel comfortable? ...). In some cases, you need to travel... so you need to get a car at least and to spend money on gas and be prepared to buy food or for any unexpected event...

Later, once you take them, you need to select the best ones and retouch them. What if the one you finish your client (in case you have one) doesn't like them? If you don't come to terms, maybe you will need to start from zero, or the client will go to look for someone else (of course, it also happens in illustrations, I think it's obvious)

If you love photography you will enjoy it for sure anyway :)
Thanks to photography I learned that I loved teamwork, to get advantage of what everyone was good at and adapt yourself to the others (and the contrary), to create something unique and special. Surely it was easy because of all my classmates were lovely, there was a good feeling in our class, I'm really proud I was part of that, they are the best :)

There're more things I would like to tell you about Photography, but this post is long enough! so maybe next time! See you!

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