Thursday, 28 November 2013

Whale sketch

It's the sketch of one of the illustrations I finished coloring with pencil colors. I love this little one, it was so fun to draw... I will show the finished version soon :)

I love to sketch and plan illustrations. This one, started as a very little sketch, and at the end I decided to give it color. I love to draw little sketches everywhere. I always have with me a little sketchbook or every time I have an idea I can capture it as soon as possible. For example, there I have some new cups waiting to be colored ;)

One of my teachers while I studied photography, really liked my small sketches. He told me it was impossible for him to draw so many little details. I prefer small illustrations, I can lose myself in them really fast, so relaxing!

I have many sketches to finish, now I need to find time to start coloring them... but I'm sure before that I will start sketching some new and I will end whit more to finish... well, too bad!

Nothing else for today! Have fun and tomorrow more!!

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