Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Book review] Babayaga

A book again!, this time, this book is about Babayaga, and it's illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer, a french illustrator I adore for sure. I met her works before Benjamin Lacombe's.

Actually, this is one of the last books I got (it was a present), but it was originally published around 2003, if I'm not wrong. I always wanted to get this book, but I never found the chance.

It tells the famous story about Babayaga witch, and her big hunger. The text is written by Rébecca's husband, Tai-Marc Lethanh. He participates in many of her books (I have a few), and these are always written humorously, some of then are even a little surrealistic. His writing style reminds me of what a kid would think while reading the book, or being the principal character. A good mix for sure that creates a "new" story or vision, of this book.

What can I tell you about Rébecca's illustrations? They are beautifully done, very detailed and textured. Some of them look like out of a dream. I like how she adapts her style a little according to the story, I love that fact about her. I also love her concepts, the way she uses the format, and how she interprets the text. I think the fact of being a mother helps her a lot with her work (even if she has some work that are destined for a young audience).

If you like the illustration world, you will love it for sure. Her work is very detailed, and you can see all the effort she used in it. I love Babayaga's big design, and her personality in this book. I also love those little illustrations you can find between the text. I think one of the aspect I like the most about this book is its setting and the use of colors.

Again a really big book: 24,5 x 36,5cm, I just wish I had a beautiful place to show it :(

I bought months ago a book I really love about her, and also other of her works I really love! but it's enough for today. Have fun and tomorrow more ;)!

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