Friday, 29 November 2013

Step by step

Old sketch done in my Moleskine with gouache! I wanted to practice with thin layers back then. I don't know why my Moleskine accepts better thinner gauge than watercolor itself... I actually use almost the same amount of water for both techniques... what? I love the soft colors!

But I have good news!, so don't worry, this will be a happy post! This little girl just needs to practice a little more, step by step ;).

Tomorrow is party time!! I'm invited to a party celebrated by Sus Pasitos (here is their Facebook), you can know about it here (both in Spanish!). I'm collaborating with them with a present for the people there :). I was really happy when they proposed me to participate with them... thank you, I had lots of fun! You were really kind to me! My work is ready for tomorrow, I can't wait for tomorrow (even more after saying, "in the shade", a little of how it was being organized :)! I'm sure it will be perfect!!

So, have fun! I don't know if I will post something here tomorrow, so, see you!

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