Monday, 2 December 2013


Last Friday was I Fiesta Patillera, organized by Sus Pasitos. I designed and assembled some badges as presents for their visitors with their logo and one of them with an original illustration made by me.

That day I tried to help as much as I could, and I even helped in one of the workshops that were celebrated there, specifically, one of paint organized by Eva Cano Castiñeira.

I meet lots of kids, and it was great to explain and to help them with their handicrafts (to create a chameleon with a wooden clothespin and cardboard). It was great to see how every kid decorated their own clothespins, with many colors and designs. But there was one kid that was coloring it all green. That's how this story begins.

He started talking to me about his little chameleon, that he wanted it to be well done, so that's why it was all green. I told him that it was very pretty, and I started explaining to him how to make his eyes with clay, but he wanted to draw them better. He was scared his eyes would be too big...

-Don't worry about that!! Chameleons eyes are very big! They can move them a lot to look around, and they can even look behind and above them.

-And can they look into space and look for planets and rockets!?

-Sure they can!

Why not? That's what I love about children...And that's how we started talking about his chameleon. Then he decided to start drawing many dots to it.

- And how will you name him?

- I'm going to name him... "Lunarcitos"!

Here is a photo of his chamilion, not completly finished.

So cute :)!! Then he started to tell me about his story, that he could talk, how he got his paws hurt by a shark, that he couldn't walk very well...

- But, is he happy?

- He is!!

- That's good!! That's what matters!

That little time with D (let's call this little boy like this) was great. He was very imaginative and talking with him made me feel like a child that again believed everything was possible and fun. He said he wanted to be an artist in the future, I'm sure you will be a very good one!!

I drew the illustration you can see above all this post very fast, and it doesn't make Lunarcitos justice, but I couldn't resist to draw your chameleon, D. Thank you for telling me about him. I loved to hear his story from you. I had a lot of fun! My best wishes for you and your family :)

Long post for sure, but I had to tell you about this little boy that impressed me.

Nothing else for today! Have fun and tomorrow more!

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