Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hanging a new start

An old simple pop up I made in my old Moleskine at the end of 2011. I thought I already posted it here... but I didn't. As it's Christmas-like, I thought it was the right time ;)

I designed this little tree-dressed girl. Every year, she takes her stairs and she puts up a new star that represents the year which is about to end, that's why it's written 2011 in the star she's holding. So, this time, she would "hang" 2013's star. A new year that is about to finish, and a new year that will be born soon!

Looking at this illustration, I got a lot of memories. It's been a long time, these years, from 2011 to 2013, passed away quickly. These years were I met a lot of people, and that helped me to know more about myself, and about people around me. I drew more, especially this year, and I don't plan to stop with it, if maybe to specialize more, and trying new things that will help me to improve and to keep learning. New year, new resolutions ;)

Horse year (chinese year) is about to start!! Bye bye Snake's year. You were, generally, a good one for me. Other than that, it was not a good year for people around me talking about health. I hope next one to be better in this aspect.

Happy new year 2014!! Be happy and goog luck!!

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