Friday, 13 December 2013

My second Moleskine

Today I decided to make a different post.

Do you remember my second Moleskine? I got it as a present from my sister. Once I finished with my old one, I decided to start with it. I was really surprised when I saw that the new one came with a little... "imperfection".

Yeah, it was... "stabbed" from its front cover through some pages (watercolor pages, I mean, they're not very thin). Because of its rubber-band, my sister didn't see it. Too bad, it was a present and there was no way I could return it to get a new one because I ripped its protector plastic.

Then I thought... why not to take advantage of it? Time to decorate! Nothing complicated, jut simple and cute.

Right after opening it I decided to cover the hole with decorated tape as if it was a strip. But before, I glued a piece of wrapping paper and drew its cord.

For the next page, where you can write your personal information in case of loss, I decided to use one of the lines and continue drawing it to use to tie the hanging cage. This time, this little illustration is more conceptual, the sky is trapped inside the cage, but the birds are flying free away ;)

For the next page, I played again with collage using different papers. The hole hides thanks to the basket.

What do I want to say with it? If you have someday a similar "problem" (as I now know it's not THAT bad), take advantage of it and use your imagination! Thanks to this little "imperfection" I love a lot my second Moleskine, even if it's still not finished.

Have fun!!

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